Row Row Row I am feeling a bit swamped under the Google Waves (my address is if anyone is feeling collaborative). Was invited to partake in global waving today by herself but haven’t looked into it in any great detail. Must watch the wave video.

Do people still wave at trains? When I was young, we used always wave at passing trains and sometimes people would wave back. It’s pretty easy to do in Wexford because the train runs along the quay. We used also wave from our house. The train was about 500 metres away but still people waved (kinda).

When I’m with the nippers and we’re near a train or the Luas we wave, and people wave back. Kinda nice really. Maybe we should wave at buses or cars. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people waved at buses or cars? No, it probably wouldn’t.

I’d bet the people of Galway, Clare and Cork are sick of waves. Pretty bad flooding down their way these day. They need a bail-out. And well deserved too. Definitely one of my pet peeves is building in floodplains. Why would someone would want to build a house in a floodplain? Why would the county councils give them permission to do so and why would a bank loan them money to do it? So now we have to pay for flood damage, flood relief works  and a bank bail-out. A riverbank bailout if you will.

And finally Roman Polanski is out on bail in Switzerland. That court case needs to happen.

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