What’s my blog going to be about? Me? everybody I know? Everybody I don’t know? I don’t know. Contrarian maybe, definitely unusual, never interesting. This is my stream of consciousness to be saved on a cloud until after I day. So there is a heaven after all.

Topics I will talk about:

Marshall McLuhan – he is fascinating. He loves puns, technology and James Joyce. I love puns and I read a brilliant idea McLuhan has about punning. Puns bring contrasting subjects and splice them together. I must find the quote.

Transparency International (http://www.transparency.ie) – I’ve just joined this worthwile group. Described as the Amnesty International of Transparency

Cycling – I cycle every day but am not a fundamentalist. Plenty of room for everyone.

National Geographic – Beautiful

The Economist – information overload

E-Learning – an old friend that has come back in my life

Economics – modern mysticism


Technology – not the detail, more the concept

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